Trend review and update – Overall, I don't think I did too badly!

Large pleated frills are still to make an appearance on cushions but I'm still confident that they will! I think I got furniture spot on and owls ARE pretty much everywhere. I think that 2012 will favour butterflies although woodland creatures such as foxes and stags will continue to be popular.

Colour wise, soft powdery pastels will be popular such as sugary pinks on walls and tactile fabrics such as velvet. Raw wood finishes on furniture and generally, more intricate designs will increase in popularity but presented within a disciplined design e.g. Detailed 'lace' inspired designs on simple wrist cuffs or textiles. Classic design is favoured and it's great to see old established classics like Ercol and Knoll come to the fore once again. Rose gold jewellery (warmer toned finishes) is readily available and tie dye and dripped paint effects will also appear on textiles and walls. A snapshot of my thoughts for the coming year as I will be regularly updating our blog with reports from travels and trade shows, but first, a short visit to Egypt and Israel to welcome in the New Year. Thanks for taking the time to read.


Here´s my personal forecast for 2011, all based on my crazy feelings and not at all factual–please don´t take this too seriously, my heads on the block – it will be fun to see how right (or wrong!) it turns out. Wish me luck, Ann

1. Colour
Darkest inky blues will join the popular dark greys and browns but also a brighter palette of mustard yellow, leaf green, palest aubergine and wedgewood blue. Warmer neutrals with an apricot/ yellow base rather than the sophisticated French greys that have dominated.

2 . Pattern
Large scale wallpaper has moved onto smaller repetitive pattern used throughout a room– not as tiring as a feature wall. Stylised patterns inspired by nature and post war designs, especially the Fifties. Large pleated frills replace piping on cushions– oh yes!

3. Furniture.
The industrial look is strong. Practical utility inspired design that adds an urban edge– think oversized factory pendant lamps, metal chairs and open shelving units on castors. Well made key pieces by craftsmen– whether new or old, quality will be king.

4. Vintage
Naiive pieces with a homespun feel– samplers and embroidered textiles, intricate painted furniture. Retro rage continues – if it has a story to tell so much the better , especially if that story is personal to you.

5. Finishes
Classic chrome and stainless steel no longer the only choice– copper and metal alloys in hammered and ultra smooth finishes in warm earthy colours are an exciting alternative.

6.The bird theme continues – especially owls! Maybe because they work so well with retro inspired designs.

7. Jewellery
Gold-especially the softer matt finishes(as before).Brooches will become popular and designs of oversized bugs will replace the popular swallow motifs on all types of jewellery.

8. Numbers
Appearing on cushions, napkin rings, door handles– everything! A refreshing change from key phrases such as the overused– ´keep calm and carry on´ motto.

9. Lighting
Unusual lamp bases juxtaposed with ornate shades in jewel colours and decorated with tassels/fringing etc.

10. Maps and globes and all types of illustration.

Finally, anything nostalgic, personalised and/or highly unusual will be the most favoured of all.